The Padded Room. Horror Tales from Canary Islands

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The Padded Room is an anthology of stories of Terror and Suspense, inspired by different stories and legends of the Canary Islands. It consists of seven short stories, all dark and mysterious, that will leave whoever reads it with an ominous sense of fear inside. The stories are:

- The Pact: A youth trip through the Barranco del Infierno, in Tenerife, will become a nightmare. None of them imagines what evil power occupies that place.

-The Witches House: Joaquín is a lawyer from Madrid who has moved to Gran Canaria to change his life after his divorce. To start this new life, he buys a house in the neighborhood of San Francisco, in Telde. He will soon regret having taken That fateful decision.

-The Lazareto: The story of some young people who are called to do the military in 1984 at the Gando Air Base in Gran Canaria, transforms into an invisible horror that will go ending with them little by little. The secret report of the military never clarified what happened to these soldiers.

-The Senseless Man: Miguel is a manager of a major banking company. He is a shark of unscrupulous finances. He boasts of executing mortgages and seizing accounts of people in a delicate situation. However, his lack of feelings will turn into the worst experience imaginable for him.

-Guayota's Revenge: A god sees how his people suffer the extermination of the Spanish conquerors. Claims to vindicate such murder, and, for that, resuscitates the dead of his race so that they besiege the castle from which all the attacks to his people depart. No invader will return alive to the Kingdom of Spain.

-The Sand Ghost: Maggie and her friends rent a boat to celebrate her birthday, sailing along the southwest coast of Gran Canaria. They decide to go to a cove of blond sands, not knowing that this place has a dark secret.

-The Geriatric: This story takes place in a nursing home, located in the town of Tías, in Lanzarote. A dark ghost in a black raincoat and black hat, with eyes as bright as stars, comment that he walks through its corridors every night. The meaning of their presence will be terrifying for residents and their caregivers.